Expo on Autobiographical Games

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20-23 and 27-30 January 2022, 16:00 - 22:00

An exhibition of autobiographical video games.

Each work tells a different story, and different stories often need different ways of arousing empathy: different forms of experiencing, or in this case.... Reliving.

Relive / Herleef presents games that give new insights into what games can be, both in terms of content and form.

It showcases topics such as mental health issues, war experiences, loss of loved ones, body image and eating disorders. But also positive experiences such as the value of peace, family and LGBTQ+ love are highlighted.

Some games are made by teams over the course of several years, and were published globally. Some are made by one person in several days, as a form of personal expression. But they all share heartfelt personal experiences, each in their own way.

The Games

Image for Brukel
Bob De Schutter and Bie Verlinden
Image for Consume me
Consume me
Jenny Jiao Hsia, AP Thomson
Image for That Dragon, Cancer
That Dragon, Cancer
Amy and Ryan Green
Image for Coming out simulator
Coming out simulator
Nicky Case
Image for Lieve Oma
Lieve Oma
Florian Veltman
Image for plum road tea dream (research)
plum road tea dream (research)
Samuel Baidoo
Image for BRR
Vaida Plankytė
Image for Compass
Linsey Raymaekers
Image for The Book Ritual
The Book Ritual
Alistair Aitcheson
Image for The Beginner's Guide
The Beginner's Guide
Davey Wreden


  • Relive / Herleef


    Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 January
    Thursday 27 - Sunday 30 January
    16:00 - 22:00

    • Discover and play 10 autobiographical video games.
    • Learn more about the authors: Why and how they made video games about their own experiences.